While we’re still busy adding new Genesis Themes to our index, we’re also starting to prepare for a next step in the site building of All Genesis Themes. And for this, we need your help.

Our next step is adding meta data to the themes – as well as to the Genesis plugins in due time – and we’d love to provide you with the right search tools. Right now we’ve added a custom taxonomy for Colors, Theme Company, Styles, and Features to the WooCommerce Products (yes, we’re using WooCommerce to power the site) but perhaps we’re missing certain meta data elements that’d you’d like to see added as well.

If you have anything you’d like for us to add as meta data, please let us know in the comments below. While you’re at it, don’t be shy in letting us know how you’d like to search and possibly filter information.

Help us providing you wih the best and most useable collection of Genesis Themes and Plugins.

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